Several Maryland students with sports backgrounds recently collaborated on a class project that involved a start-up service known as “DJ Dirty Terp,” in which they would show up at remote locations to play on-demand music for customers.

Now, this was just a class project, not an actual business venture, but it involved making a video, which allows you to watch Dez Wells interview female students while lounging on a beach blanket on the quad.

“This is DJ Dirty Terp out here on the quad with Kaitlyn, Katie and Sarah,” Wells says at one point. “So Kaitlyn, Katie and Sarah, give us a little overview of music you like to listen to out here on the quad.”



Zac Brown Band and John Mayer were the answers. Kid might have a future in journalism. In addition to Wells, the project included Nick Klemm, Pete White, Jake Wheeler and Pete Desouza — who have all been associated with the football program — and women’s basketball player Alyssa Thomas.

“It is a bit long — but well worth it just to see Dez Wells interview people while laying like he’s Joe Namath in a Beautymist Pantyhose ad,” wrote Reader Tyler, who forwarded this video.