By Rob Carr/Getty.

The news wasn’t all bad for Davey Johnson Monday night in California. He’ll apparently spend his last All-Star break as Nats skipper in New York, at Citi Field, as part of Bruce Bochy’s coaching staff. That almost has to lead to about 15 great anecdotes.

“I’ve got to talk to Davey, because I want him at the All-Star game,” Bochy told Charlie Slowes during the pre-game show on 106.7 The Fan Monday night. “I’m looking to talk to him before long.”

And Bochy apparently found him, according to Comcast SportsNet Bay Area’s Amy Gutierrez.

“1978, it was Davey Johnson’s last year in the majors, it was Bruce Bochy’s first year in the majors,” Gutierrez said during a late-innings report. “You wouldn’t think the two would have much in common, but they are old, old friends. In fact, Bruce told me today that Davey was a roving batting instructor when Bruce was playing for the Mets. He gave him so many good tips that he became a big threat at the plate. Bruce said that [Johnson] gave him an extra five years, extended that career five years in the majors because of what Davey Johnson shared with him about his batting stance. And — this is big news — Bruce Bochy has asked Davey Johnson to be on his All-Star coaching staff in New York in July.”

Bochy also offered some perspective to Nats fans, when Slowes mentioned how many of them are freaking out at the team’s sluggish start.

“That goes with winning, particularly when you have a really good, nice season like you did last year, and same with us,” the manager said. “When you don’t win a few games, questions are being asked, eyebrows raised, [people] going what’s going on. We just came off a horrible road trip, 1-5, our pitching got hammered pretty good and that’s our strength. There’s some panic going on, but you do have to remind yourself, there’s a lot of baseball left. I remember last year, going into your place and Pittsburgh, going 1-5, it didn’t go well. But it’s all about being resilient. That’s what good clubs are.”

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