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When someone unearths a photo like this, there isn’t much to say except, hey, look: Nats pitching coach Steve McCatty in the July 1984 issue of Playgirl. How long before the bullpen turns this into a T-shirt? (Update: It only took a few hours, according to Adam Kilgore.)

The tip comes to us via reader @ouij. Michael Clair of Baseball Prospectus did the digging and found this, along with photos of a few other baseball players posing for the magazine in the ’80’s. If you want the original glossy, this issue of Playgirl is listed on eBay for a starting bid of $12.99.

If anyone happens to have this issue in their possession, feel free to pass along McCatty’s page. We’d all love to know what 1984 McCatty’s turn-ons were.

Click here to see the photos.

UPDATE: Clair was kind enough to send along the full page that McCatty appeared on. Here is the text:

Ask most ballplayers about their most noteworthy achievements and get ready to hear about high batting averages or miniscule ERAs. Then talk to McCatty, one heckuva crazy guy, who considers his best feat to date the fact that he’s made it to 30.