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Since we’re all-in on wedding coverage, might as well get into the matchmaking business, too. In that spirit, Reader Ryan passed along a Craigslist ad that might be of interest to some of our readers, assuming our readers are Phillies fans from Philly who have negative levels of Natitude.

Seems this 23-year old female fan — “a pretty generic looking cute Irish lass” — wants to take in some of the Nats-Phillies series this weekend, but only with a like-minded male. Among the highlights:

* “I’ll buy your ticket, and you can pay me back by buying me a beer every few innings or so (okay, probably it’ll be more like every inning).”

* “We will bond our over our shared love of Philly sports, argue about how many Cy Young awards Jonathan Pettibone will win in the next decade, heckle Jayson Werth, and maybe even share our musings on what the Chip Kelly era will look like if we’re feeling intimate. We’ll see where the game goes as the beer hits, and no matter where we sit we can make it into our own 700 level.”

(Of course, Werth being injured might decrease heckling opportunities, which could ruin the date.)

* “If the game goes well, perhaps we can do other stuff together this summer, like watch Phillies games at Ventnor Sports Cafe.”

* “I’m 23, moved down to DC for college, and now I work downtown. I really like it here except for all the stupid Nats donkeys.”

* “You’re 22-29 and originally from Philly or South Jersey. You moved down to DC for work or school a couple years ago, and are quite happy living here, but you still never shut the [heck] up about how great Philly is. Your level of Philadelphia sports douchebaggery is within one standard deviation of mine.”

Sounds like a perfect couple. Hope they post their wedding registry online some day.