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I’ve often heard the 2013 NBA draft described as the weakest in years, but I’m not sure how often I’ve heard it described as a two-player draft, with the two players being Nerlens Noel and Ben McLemore. Nevertheless, DraftExpress floated that idea past Wizards GM Ernie Grunfeld on Tuesday night, shortly after Grunfeld found out his Wizards would be picking third.

“Well, I think it’s a three-player draft,” Grunfeld cracked, with a smile. “But I won’t tell you who that third player is.”

Still, Grunfeld seemed to possibly suggest that they already have a player in mind.

“Obviously we’ve been going through this process already, but the process will continue,” he said. “And as I said before, we feel good about the player that’s probably going to be available to us at that spot.”

“Obviously we have a lot more choices [at No. 3 instead of No. 8],” he also said. “It might be the same player we take at three that we would have had at eight, but this way the choice is ours. When you pick a little bit later, it’s what’s left. So we feel good about it. I think there are some solid players in this draft, and we’re gonna get a very nice player.”

Grunfeld was also asked if trading the No. 3 pick was a possibility.

“Well, I think everything is on the table,” he said. “We feel good about where we are, we think we’ll get a nice player, but you never say never to anything.”

And the end result?

“We ended the [past] season on a high note,” he said. “We played well in the second half of the year. We’ve said all along that we want to be a playoff team next year, and moving up is gonna help that process.”

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