WCCO screengrab via WUSA.
WCCO screengrab via WUSA.

By now you’ve heard that Kevin Durant gave $1 million to the Red Cross for disaster relief in Oklahoma.

Wednesday night in Minnesota — where Durant was watching his childhood friend, former Forest Park High and University of Virginia star Monica Wright, play in the WNBA preseason playoffs — Durant spoke at length about the donation. And he did so while wearing a sparkling Redskins ballcap.

“A national disaster is something that we can’t control at all,” Durant said, via WUSA’s Kevin Jones. “And to have it hit so close to home — I call Oklahoma City my home now — it’s tough to go through. But we’re a city that comes together and we’ll bounce back from this. It’s tough. It’s tough right now. But the sun’s gonna shine soon. So we’ve just got to stick together.”

“God told me to do something to help these families out, and that’s the first thing I thought of, the first thing He popped in my mind,” Durant said later. “I’m just trying to do anything I can to help. It’s such a tough situation. Some of those things you can’t get back. But I’m just trying to help the families out as much as I can….

“As the day went on and I [saw] the footage and the casualties, the houses being blown away, it was tough to see. Like I said, I call Oklahoma City my home. I love the state, I love Oklahoma City. I go through Moore all the time. So it’s unfortunate, but like I said, we’re gonna come together as a city like we always do, and we’re gonna bounce back….

“I wish I could have [done] a better job for my team, to stay in the playoffs,” he told reporters. “Because of course basketball, sporting events, bring everybody together, and takes your mind off it for a few hours. There’s some part of me wishing I could have played better for my team to stay in the playoffs, but hopefully they get back on their feet. It’s just so tough, man. I’m praying for the families, I’m feeling for them, and hopefully everything gets back to normal there soon.”

(Major thanks to @Mr_KevinJones.)