When last I tallied Robert Griffin III’s A1 appearances, the then-rookie had appeared on at least 18 front pages, including three in 10 days.

That was way back in December, before RGKnee was even a thing. A cursory glance suggests that Griffin has been pictured on at least eight more covers since then: when he was named to the Pro Bowl, on the day of the regular season finale against the Cowboys, the day after the Seahawks loss, the day after his surgery, twice more that week, earlier this week as OTAs approached, and then on Friday, when his image led the front page for the first time since his injury.

By my rough count, the kid has thus been pictured on A1 of The Washington Post at least 26 times since last April. I would continue to suggest that he will soon have been pictured more times on A1 than any athlete in Washington sports history.

(Via @jfdulac.)