“A Night at the Park” is Ryan Zimmerman’s annual event to benefit his foundation, the ziMS Foundation. The organization was created to raise money and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, a disability his mother was diagnosed with in 1995.

This year’s event raised more than $300,000, thanks to the help of the 1,850 fans and friends who attended Thursday night. Zimmerman’s Nats teammates also made a strong showing.

“We’re obviously teammates, and on the field we’re fighting for the same thing,” he said, via Comcast SportsNet. “But for them to take time out of their off day, which we don’t get many, and getting home at 3:30 or four o’clock in the morning from the west coast. For so many of them to come out and support me, and buy things and drive up the prices on the live auction.

“But I think they come out and have a good time,” he continued. “And I think it just shows you what kind of, not only players, but organization we have. And I think these guys are, I think it’s always been part of the Nationals’ way, to be a good person. You can be a great baseball player, but we’re more than just guys who play on the field. And that goes for everyone on the team, not just me.”

A collection of various D.C. athletes also came to show support, including a few Caps and Redskins.



Here’s Brooks Laich with the evening’s host.

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Also, Ian Desmond with #steak.

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