Preproduction sketches of FloatBall players by the FutureDude team, via the FloatBall Kickstarter.

“The game would be called Float Ball,” the New York Times reported in a 2008 story about Ken Harvey’s latest venture. “It would combine elements of basketball, football and the Lionel Richie video for ‘Dancing on the Ceiling’ into a sort of free-for-all, compelling weightless players to bounce off walls, obstacles and one another while herding weightless balls of various colors to either end of the playing space, which would be placed inside the cabin of a zero-gravity plane or, possibly, on the moon. Eventually, one day, if all went well, some sort of custom arena would be constructed. On Mars.”

That sounds pretty ambitious. So Harvey and his FloatBall partner –aerospace engineer Allen Herbert — are doing the next best thing: starting a Kickstarter to publish a comic book series about FloatBall. Read on, because this is amazing:

Since society has not yet achieved the level of space proficiency needed to play our new game, we decided that next best step would be to create a comic book about the sport. Not just any comic, but one that is cool and fun like Marvel or DC Comics, and also factually based on scientific possibilities….

Imagine a stadium in micro-gravity with men and women anchored to the walls. Balls of different colors are shot into the air, each color group is worth different points. A player’s objective is to get the balls into the goals — which can shrink unexpectedly like a collapsing black hole…..

Via the FloatBall Kickstarter.

Via the FloatBall Kickstarter.

You can move up and down, forward and backward throughout the weightless playing area. Each player has a certain amount of oxygen in their suits — but once it’s gone, they could drift into a state of unconsciousness (until they are taken away by the team’s medical staff)….

If you are a fan of comics, space, sports, or science, then this is the comic for you. We need to raise enough money to produce and distribute the first issue. You can be in on the beginning of something great. Years into the future, your name will be associated with the beginning of a new age of sports in space.

“Man I’m excited,” Harvey says in the accompanying video. “I’m excited because we’re doing something special….Some of the things we’re doing in this comic book are cutting edge, and the timing’s right. You’ll still have the hard hits and the big bangs you expect, but you’ll have an environment unlike anything on earth.”