(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

When Robert Griffin III revealed that fans had purchased a good number of the items off his wedding registry, the universe became divided between those who were outraged at such a terrible, horrible thing, and those who couldn’t have cared less. It seems that RGIII’s teammates fall into the “what’s the big deal” school of thought.

“The craziest thing about it is, I mean, who doesn’t like gifts?” Kedric Golston said of the hubbub over the fan presents. “But when you get things like plates, knives, cups and things, that stuff’s important to the function of a household. I’m sure it’s not a sexy gift, but it’s an important one.”

While the players I talked to had no issue with the gifts from fans, they admitted that it posed a bit of a problem for the players themselves.

“I heard everyone exhausted the registry. Man, I heard he got it all,” Brian Orakpo said, shaking his head. “We all don’t know what to get him no more. We’ll figure something out.”

Trent Williams echoed the same sentiment.

“What do you get a guy who has everything?” Williams asked me. And it wasn’t a rhetorical question.

Unfortunately, I had no ideas to offer, but Williams should talk to Josh Morgan, the only player who seemed to be unfazed by this conundrum.

“I think I’m going to get him something from the heart,” said Morgan. “When it’s from the heart, you don’t think about it. You just get it. [Plates and cups are] not my style. Something more creative than that.”

But plates and cups are some people’s style, and Golston told me he might just double down.

“From what I hear, all the less expensive stuff has been taken,” he said. “I probably need to just double gift something. I mean, you always need plates. The more plates the better. Unless you gotta do the dishes. He can invite us all over for dinner and make sure we have a nice piece of china to eat off of.”

“We’ll go eat at his house,” agreed Orakpo. “Once they’re all settled in, all newlyweds. We’ll go knock on his door and get some food.”

I told RGIII that his teammates were already planning a dinner party at their quarterback’s house, and asked if he was prepared to feed a team of football players.

“I don’t know if the neighborhood I live in would enjoy all of those cars being out there,” he laughed. “But I’m definitely going to have a housewarming get-together – because that’s what we do in the National Football League, get-togethers, not parties – and it’ll be fun.”

Now we know why he registered for two crock pots.