Adam Carriker’s in-laws have a farm in Nebraska, and one evening a few years ago they found themselves in the middle of a drug raid.

Apparently marijuana growers go into farms at night and replace the farmer’s plants with illegal plants of their own. According to Carriker, who told the story on his radio show, “4th and Pain,” the combination of vast land and the fact that much of it is tended to by machinery makes it easy to hide those plants. The drug growers let the farmers tend to their plants unknowingly, and then go in and harvest before those farmers pull up their own crop.

One night, Carriker’s wife’s parents came home to find the sheriff looking for them.

“It actually happened at night, when they raided it,” explained his wife, Angela. “They had been following these people and my parents come home and the sheriff’s like, we need to go down to your fields. And there was a helicopter, and the FBI had people in harvesting it. We’re talking ten at night they were doing this.”

Carriker and his wife also own land on that farm, but fortunately were not victims of rogue planting.

Here’s the Carrikers telling the story: