(Courtesy of Brian Faler)

Reader Brian Faler was kind enough to send along a photo of the thank-you note he received from Robert Griffin III and Rebecca Liddicoat. Faler’s gift was a dish cloth, and the note arrived in the mail today, postmarked from Northern Virginia.

And yes, this note is worded very similarly to the last, but if you’ve ever had to write out hundreds of wedding thank-you notes, then you understand the impossible task of trying to make each one unique.

“My friends are careful to note that i got married in November, and they are still waiting for thank notes from me,” said Faler, via email. “So aside from being more famous, wealthier, more charismatic and more pretty much everything else, RGIII is also better than me at sending thank you notes.”

Which brings me to a bit of criticism that has been floating around in the last week. Some of the more cranky folks have made the argument that RGIII took the easy way out by having his wife write the thank-yous. I’m pretty sure that every thank-you note I’ve ever received was written by the couple’s female half. Usually it’s just a matter of who has nicer handwriting.