“I don’t generally have a problem with the split MASN booth and MASN/MASN2 simulcast during Orioles-Nationals interleague games, but towards the end of Sunday’s 9-3 Nats win, I had a problem,” I wrote last May. “I mean, when one team wins by six runs, they get to have the player of the game. Rule of the Universe.”

Well, you know what happened next. Almost exactly a year later, the Nats routed the Orioles, 9-3, again, and Orioles fans voted an Oriole the player of the game again. NOT POSSIBLE.

This time it was J.J. Hardy, who had three hits and a solo homer, which was nice, but probably not quite as impressive as Adam LaRoche’s 2-for-3 with two homers, three runs scored and four RBI. That’s a player-of-the-game performance.

Of course, Orioles fans are accustomed to texting in their votes for this in-game gimmick, while Nats fans have no similar custom, despite watching games on the same network. To avoid this, I’d suggest MASN henceforth only nominate members of the winning team in 9-3 routs.

And if the MASN conspiracy buffs really wanted to have a field day, they could also have noted that rookie Jeff Kobernus made his big-league debut on Tuesday night, while being identified as Jeff Korernus.

“Oh well, here’s to hoping MASN spells Jeff Kobernus’s name correctly the next time he gets the first Major League AB of his career,” Nats Enquirer noted.

MASN screengrab, via @sportsyack.