The departure of the Orioles means the loudest National Anthem “O!” of the season has probably already occurred at Nats Park. This brief Vine from The Post’s Matt McFarland contains audio of Wednesday’s “O!” It was loud.

Which reminds me of an e-mail I received recently from Reader Danny, sent earlier this month. To quote:

I was at the Caps game Saturday, and during the national anthem everyone yelled out “red” when that line came up. Incidentally I think it’s inappropriate to speak at all during the anthem, but so be it. However, when we got to the ‘O,’ half of the crowd screams it out!

I’ve been hoping now that we have our own baseball team — and have for the past 8 years — that people at D.C. sporting events would no longer feel the need to scream the O. Alas, I’m clearly mistaken.

I want to start a pledge to eliminate the O from all D.C. home games (doesn’t include Maryland bc of all the Baltimore people there). But Nats, Skins, Hoyas, Caps, Wiz…. whoever.

The wave isn’t an important issue — this, however, is a battle to reclaim our city in the name of D.C. and not a Natty Boh-sipping Hon from Dundalk.

Please help!

P.S. Tee shirts are pending.

I’m not sure how I can help exactly, but whatever I can do, I’m there for you.