(John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

When the Playgirl photo of Steve McCatty surfaced last week, the Nats pitching coach took some ribbing for his decision to pose for the magazine. But it was the ‘80s, and things were different then, right? It turns out things aren’t so different, because I talked to some of the Redskins players and a surprising amount said they’d consider it if Playgirl came calling.

“Definitely not in a speedo or anything like that, just because that would be bulletin board material,” laughed Kedric Golston. “Maybe I’d do it in some swimming trunks or something like that. If I’m in a pair of swimming trunks, it’s just like I’m at your local neighborhood swimming pool.”

Sure, an adult Golston is a responsible man. But what about 18-year-old Golston?

“I don’t know,” he said. “I can’t remember that guy. I don’t know what that guy was thinking.”

“No,” said Chris Chester, when I asked if he would pose for the magazine. “Especially now in my life. Not because I’m opposed to it, but because I wouldn’t want to catch flak from the guys.”

But 18-year old Chester?

“Yeah, he probably would have,” Chester laughed. “He was known for bad decisions.”

Stephen Bowen cited his wife’s disapproval as a reason for not posing. But take her out of the picture and he’d consider it.

“No, no, no,” said Bowen. “First of all, my wife would not allow that. But if I was single? If I was struggling? You never know. Times get hard.”

Brian Orakpo also used the wife as an excuse to say no.

“Naw, man. I can’t do it,” he said. “My wife wouldn’t like that.”

He went on to say that 18-year old Orakpo would consider it.

“Maybe, if the money’s right,” he admitted. “I can’t knock a man for making money.”

Perhaps it’s no surprise that Niles Paul, who has no wife to answer to, is the only player who said yes.

“Yeah, I’d do it,” he said, with zero hesitation. “Maybe for two stacks, I’d get in Playgirl naked.”

Paul then thought about it for a bit.

“Nah, I’d have some shorts on.”