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Alfred Morris is well-known for his humility, but he opened up a bit in a recent interview with NFL.com’s Dave Dameshek. The latter asked Morris to compare his body type and running style to an old-school running back from the past, and Morris chose Walter Payton. Then he explained that it had to do with the way Payton refused to avoid contact.

“I call it demanding my respect, the way I run,” Morris said. “I’m not a [sledgehammer?], but I will lower my shoulder on guys. I demand my respect. And then it makes it that much easier to just avoid them, or lose them and get around them, because now they’re thinking he’s gonna run me over – oh, I’m around them now. I’ve been doing this for a while now, and I just like it this way. It definitely helps not beat up my body as much, surprisingly. By delivering the blow, I don’t let people hit me the majority of the time. And I do take hits, but nothing too big. I normally deliver the blow, so it really takes a lot of stress off my body. And I feel healthy, with my durability as well, not taking shots, but giving shots.”

But Morris also said “I’d much rather have brains than brawn any day,” and talked about what he’s doing to improve on his performance in year two.

“I think a lot of times the little things are overlooked,” he said. “So I’m more focusing now on just the little things, fine-tuning my game with my track [work], being more patient. I look at film last year and I kind of shake my head, like man, I could have got so many more yards on this play, on that play. It’s the little things that hindered me from doing so. So I’ve been working on that, and moreso working on my explosiveness. I did a lot of work, had different stuff strapped to me, a lot of resistance work, just to help my game, and it’s definitely helped me out in OTAs. I feel better running, I look better, even the coaches tell me. So it’s all going good.”

More from Morris

On his least favorite NFC East team: “Of course it’s gonna be the Cowboys. Even our fans say if we don’t win any games, we have to beat the Cowboys. So that’s always gonna be your least favorite, is the Cowboys.”

On the fastest QB in the division: “Eli’s definitely fourth. That’d be a great race between Vick and Robert. That would be interesting. I would give Robert the tape, but not by much. By a hair.”

On adding Kaepernick: “I still think it would be between Robert and Vick. Nothing against Kaepernick, he’s a pretty fast guy himself, but I just think he’s not in Robert and Michael Vick’s league, to be honest with you.”

On his favorite Redskins jersey combination: “I like the burgundy jerseys and gold pants, to be honest with you. That’s my favorite. Regardless of what we’ve got on, we’ve still got to go out there and show some flavor. Actually I also liked the throwback jerseys they put on us that one time, which we probably won’t wear again because we kind of stunk it up against the Panthers. But I found those interesting as well.”

On the team name. Really: “I mean, [some] would say that it’s offensive, but that’s each’s opinion, to each his own. I know they’ve actually done polls and studies, different ones around the country. But they also did some only Native Americans, and I think like 90 percent of them said it wasn’t offensive, they didn’t mind. We actually had a history lesson on the Redskins, that their first-coach ever was actually a Native American, so I found that very cool. I didn’t know that. I don’t go that far back. It’s such a storied franchise, the name’s been around forever, so who’s to say that they’ll ever change the name, even if they’re taking a lot of heat from it? But that’s not my department. I’m just staying tuned, just like anybody else. That’s not our department, so it’ll be interesting to see how this stuff unfolds.”

On RGIII’s wedding: “Yes, I have been invited.”

On RGIII’s wedding gift: “I haven’t seen his wedding registry, to be honest with you. But I wouldn’t even look at it, especially when I heard all the fans were going on it and buying stuff and sending to him, which I thought was hilarious. I do want to get him something, but I think it’ll be something that’s not even on the registry. I don’t know. I’m still brainstorming what I could get — what does he really like, something I know he could use, not like some slippers or a robe or something like that, he probably won’t even use that. Something I know he’d get use out of, but something that’s not on his wedding registry.”