Since everyone who comes in contact with Robert Griffin III winds up gushing over Robert Griffin III in a subsequent interview, it was mostly inevitable that a real estate agent would follow suit.

Didn’t take long, either. The agent who helped sell RGIII his new home, Casey Margenau, talked to the MRIS blog about Griffin’s $2.5 million purchase in Aldie’s Creighton Farms development. Yes, the MRIS blog is now writing about Griffin.

Anyhow, Margenau — who was working on behalf of Apex Homes, the builder — pointed out that he originally suggested a much larger and more expensive home to the quarterback, who instead wanted something smaller and more manageable. Quoting Margenau:

The persona that is out there in the press is not always the persona that is behind the real human being. But through this process he was a gentlemen, he was awesome, nice, he was not pretentious. Just the fact that he didn’t like the $4.5M house, but he liked the $2.5M house that was more manageable. It is still high-quality, still probably more than most people could buy in a home, but it wasn’t over the top. It wasn’t ‘I need the big show-me house because I’m RGIII.’

The attorneys (there was two of them) and the mortgage bankers were all there at the closing. You don’t find all those people there in a normal transaction. After the business part was done, they all turned into nine-year olds and wanted his autograph and pictures. It was hilarious and he was great about it.

Read the full item here.

Note: An earlier version of this item suggested that Margenau was working on behalf of Griffin. He was actually working on behalf of Apex Homes, the builder.


Saw this fellow on Massachusetts Avenue Sunday evening, not long after the U.S. had defeated the Germans at RFK Stadium. Pretty amazing ensemble.

Dan Steinberg/Washington Post.


Many Nats fans have questioned the team’s management of injured players in recent weeks, what with hurt players playing, and injured players not hitting the disabled list, and Bryce Harper appearing to re-injure himself by playing through pain. Hardball Talk’s Craig Calcaterra summed up one common reaction to Harper’s suggestion that he should have been on the DL days ago:

“Thing is, though, that is not a decision a 20 year-old kid should be making. It’s a job his manager and general manager and team trainers should be making. Harper is the face and future of the franchise and if he’s banged the hell up like he has been for a month, he should not be out there every day.”


Reader @TheShayan sends along this Redskins-themed painting, which he saw for sale in Rehoboth Beach. It does seem to suggest that in the storied history of the franchise, nothing can compare to No. 10. Which is odd.

Via @TheShayan.


A USA Today intern noticed that a recently unveiled Matt Wieters plaque on Eutaw Street spells the catcher’s last name incorrectly. “When he was shown a picture of the mistake Sunday, an incredulous Wieters said ‘No way,’ and rushed to inform Jay Moskowitz, Baltimore’s coordinator of baseball information. Moskowitz promptly e-mailed a member of the team’s ballpark operations staff.” The team plans to correct the error.


The most amazing part of Mike Wise’s column on Donovan McNabb’s advice to RGIII may have been McNabb’s take on the wedding registry hoo-hah. Here it is:

“You don’t just send the gifts back, because that’s not right in its own way,” McNabb said. “But you also don’t take a picture with all the gifts people sent you from your wedding registry and then tweet it out. It’s almost like throwing it in the people’s face that bought you things. They see that photo and think, ‘What did I buy him something for? He didn’t need it with all these other people sending him things.’ ”

“When that happens, it just looks like rich people receiving things from the poor. I know his intention wasn’t that, but it’s the perception people take from it. It’s disrespectful. You just don’t do that.”

I talked to numerous people who sent Griffin gifts. None had that reaction. None had a reaction in the same hemisphere as that reaction. McNabb really bounce-passed that one.


Local anthem favorites Bob McDonald and Caleb Green were together again, doing the anthem before the soccer game at RFK Stadium. Via @ODPllc.


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