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We were alerted by @natsnq that during Rob Dibble’s Fox Sports radio show last week, he was talking about Stephen Strasburg’s most recent injury. (The smarter half of our readers just read that and clicked out. My apologies to the rest of you.)

After playing the portion of the radio broadcast from the Braves game in which the announcers described Strasburg rubbing his shoulder, Dibble and his co-host, former Olympic swimmer Amy Van Dyken, had this conversation.

Dibble: Well, you shut him down last year. Was it all worth it now?

Van Dyken: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Hold your horses, everybody. Why was he flexing his shoulder when he hurt his ab? Hmmm?

Dibble: Well, we’ll have to wait and see. They’re gonna do precautionary MRIs, I’m sure, on his entire body.

Van Dyken: See? Did anybody else catch that? I caught that at the end of that. I think it’s his shoulder, and they just don’t want to say it. [Note: the MRI showed a slight lat muscle strain.]

Dibble: Well, and nobody’s promised tomorrow. That’s the argument that we made last year. They’re in the postseason, they have one shot at winning the title. Last year they were playing amazing baseball. This year, not so much.

And if he’d stopped right there, Van Dyken would have looked like the sillier one. But Dibble wears the silly crown, and when you share airwaves with Dibble, no way is he going to let you be the sillier one. So here’s silly Dibble explaining how the Nats are like Chinese swimmers.

Dibble: But it’s not just them. When you’re good, like last year, this year when you come back, everybody wants to beat the Nationals. Everybody and their brother picked them to win the World Series. When you were swimming, you really measured yourself against the Chinese, and all, what were…the Germans, who was it…the Finns…who were the best swimmers back then?

Van Dyken: The Chinese.

Dibble: The Dutch are always good swimmers.

Van Dyken: The Chinese and the Dutch, yeah. The Germans were okay.

Dibble: So the east German girls weren’t wearing beards in your day?

Van Dyken: Well, because I’m a lot younger than you, the wall had already fallen by the time I was competing.

Dibble: Damn that age barrier between us. It’s like the Berlin Wall.

Van Dyken: It is like the Berlin Wall.

Dibble: That being said, though, you were always faced with challenging yourself and there were all these great swimmers that won three years ago. I gotta beat that person. That’s my goal, and right now that’s the Nationals. Their number one guy is Stephen Strasburg. This was supposed to be the year. No one can predict that. That’s the one thing in sports, no one can predict whether you’re going to be great that year or not.

Van Dyken: No, you don’t have one of those magic eight ball things for sports. If you do, that would be great.

Here’s the full audio, if you’re so inclined: