Clicky is an Internet Safety Robot. Adam LaRoche is the Nationals’ first baseman. got that unlikely pair together in the above PSA about child safety in honor of last week’s National Missing Children’s Day.

“Hey, Nats fans. I’m Adam LaRoche and I’ve teamed up with my good friend Clicky to tell you to take 25 minutes to talk to your kids about safety,” says LaRoche, looking super excited about kids’ safety.

Now, when I saw this video on Nats Enquirer, I had no idea who this Clicky character was. So I did some digging and it turns out that this isn’t his first encounter with a Washington athlete. Back in 2009, Clicky was doing an appearance at Redskins Park when Chris Cooley called him Gumby. The yellow safety robot wasn’t happy about it, so he wrote a rap to set “Mr. Cooley” straight.

Here’s that video. I’m assuming those two have squashed the beef since then.