NFL Hall of Famer Deacon Jones, who died Monday at the age of 74, will always be known primarily as a Los Angeles Ram. He spent just the final year of his career with the Redskins, who went 10-4 before losing to those Rams in the playoffs.

But Jones was still larger-than-life in Washington, as shown by a training camp interview he gave The Post’s Leonard Shapiro in Carlisle. Among the highlights of what The Post called a “Socko Sermon:”

* He promised he’d be a starter. “Here’s how it is,” Jones said. “I am a pro, and pros don’t sit on the bench. I came to take a job. I don’t know whose job, but that’s why I’m here.”

* He promised to keep hitting offensive linemen on the head. “I’m the man who invented it,” he said. “It stuns ’em temporarily. It’s a natural instinct to fight that kind of pressure. Then I might hit him again. That’s illegal, but I’ll do it as long as I can get away with it.”

* He said he was still good enough to start. “There’s no doubt in my mind,” Jones said. “Listen, if I tell you that an elephant can lay an egg, you better put that egg on the skillet.”

* He said he was still good enough to make an impact, too. “The best man plays,” he said. “I can play. I am here to play. I intend to play. Right now, I want to get myself in top shape and have a hell of a year. That’s how it is.”



Speaking of the Redskins past, Pro Football Talk unveiled its Redskins Mt. Rushmore. Well, two versions, actually. In the official version, Joe Gibbs, Darrell Green and Sammy Baugh were joined by the Hogs. In the fan vote, John Riggins replaced the Hogs. Art Monk and the Hogs finished fifth and sixth. Image via @primetimereds.

Via @primetimereds.



The Butler guard worked out for the Wizards on Monday, and he talked about posting a photo of himself with Washington rapper Wale. “He had just come from a concert that he did at Indiana,” Clarke said, via Truth About It. “So I went up to him—he was telling a lot of people he wasn’t Wale, and I knew who he was. So I said I needed a picture, I’ve got to prove to my teammates that you’re in the airport because they don’t believe me.”

How close is Wale to being able to help recruit free agents to the District?



Michael Tomasky, who wrote a scathing piece on the Redskins’ racist legacy for the New York Review of Books, has now written a scathing piece on the Redskins’ racist legacy for the Daily Beast. With an identical headline.

Anyhow, included in the latest piece was this: “Dan Snyder is Jewish, by the way; if he can’t see the similarity between ‘Redskin’ and ‘kike’ or ‘Hebe,’ then he’s got a dark spot on his soul that I sure can’t help cleanse.”

Dang. I hereby hope I never put myself in charge of judging the color of other peoples’ souls.



Nats Archive has identified the 12 types of Nats tweeters, including the Armchair GM, the Eternal Optimist, and the Confuse Them With Stats. This led Ian Desmond to suggest No. 13



Ah, whatever. When you’re seven games back, you probably aren’t allowed to complain. Via @fatherball.

Via @fatherball.
Via @fatherball.



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