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“If my facial hair looks bad,” Davey Johnson told reporters two weeks ago, “I decided I wouldn’t shave until we started hitting.”

Since then, the Nats manager has been neglecting his shaving regimen, sporting a less-than-impressive facial hair look, eventually settling on a “rally goatee” that made him look like the evil version of himself.

The Nats have won since his proclamation, including a 9-3 rout of the Orioles last week. But apparently none of those qualified as a beard-shaving win. But Tuesday’s come-from-behind, walk-off win did.

“I’ll tell you the biggest thing from that win last night,” Johnson told the Junkies on 106.7 The Fan Wednesday morning. “It allowed me to shave that damn hair off my face. It was the first thing I did after we got in. I put a little shaving cream on and joyfully shaved that hair off my face.

“It’s done, baby,” he continued. “It’s over.”

I think a fresh-faced Johnson will be a welcome sight at Nats Park tonight.