Ian Desmond is among the Nats players most in tune with the pulse of the fans. He interacts with a bunch of diehards on Twitter, frequently mentions the fan base during media interviews, and clearly reads what others are saying about his team.

Tuesday night, he got into a brief exchange with one critic of the franchise. The fan — who has since changed the name of his Twitter account and turned it private — evidently wrote something critical of the team, which Desmond did not appreciate.

“Go root for somebody else then,” the shortstop wrote, before adding a more positive request. “Get on board for the long haul. Baseball is a game of failure, home fans chirping doesn’t do anyone any good. Go Nats.”

And after other fans went after the critic, Desmond had the final word.

“Take it easy on the guy, he isn’t the only one trust me,” he wrote. “But if [you’re] a fan be a fan through the good and the bad.”

This season has tested that premise. Diehards have claimed the 2012 bandwagoners are dropping off, while longtime fans have expressed repeated frustration. In any case, if the team sprinkles a few more walk-off wins into its 2013 campaign, the chirping would likely quiet down, and everyone would be happy and free to concentrate on the team’s home-run celebrations.



Roger Bernadina didn’t actually get a chance to hit in the bottom of the ninth Tuesday night — he was intentionally walked. But before that happened, new addition Jayson Werth demonstrably requested the Shark to do something big for his team. Via @recordsANDradio.



Steven Goff’s postcards from his trips through the Americas with the U.S. men’s national team are beautiful must-reads. Check out his latest, from Jamaica.



In case you’ve really been hoping to read another column on the Redskins name issue, and have been unhappy with The Post for failing to quench that urge, here’s Phil Mushnick of the New York Post weighing in:

Granted, the ridiculous among the “politically correct” — those who explain and excuse spray-painting graffiti vandals as “street artists” — do make it difficult for proponents of do-unto-others sensitivity.

Regardless, it’s time to lose “Redskins,” but not as a matter of being politically correct or to surrendering to some conspiratorial force that threatens our Constitutional freedoms. Losing “Redskins” is about right from wrong.

This is actually the second column he’s written on the topic in three months. Here’s the previous column.



Watch this video from the ’70s promoting Metro, if you haven’t already seen it. Or at least listen to the soundtrack while you go about your day.

“A rapid rail system is more than a means of avoiding inconvenient traffic situations,” the narrator says. “Metro will help enlarge the scope of our lives: where we live, where we play, where we work. Living in the suburbs will be easier. A quick, quiet air-conditioned ride puts you downtown for work or entertainment. For those in the city, expanded job and leisure activities in the suburbs will be a short ride away. As individuals, we benefit through a better quality of life in general.”

Remember that next time you want to complain about being stuck in a hot car that isn’t moving. (Via DCist.)



The Nats debuted a new issue of Nationals Magazine, which you can find at home games. It’s a nice-looking cover, with one of the best monikers the franchise has produced. Trouble is, as one fan pointed out, the Nats currently are tied for 20th in Major League Baseball in strikeouts.

Via Curly W Live.
Via Curly W Live.



The Nats host the Mets at 7 on MASN. The Penguins go to Boston at 8 on NBC Sports Network. All TV and radio listings are here.

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