Until New York City introduced Citibike, Washington D.C’s Capital Bikeshare program was the largest of its kind in the country. Folks in the District were quick to let those in New York know that the program here came first, and a saucy story here at The Post  even began with: “New York City is in a headlong rush to catch up with the more culturally advanced District of Columbia…”

In turn, the Bloomberg administration has touted the program’s success in New York, even taking shots at other cities in the process.

Unfortunately for Bloomberg, the program has had some troubles in its first week in operation. Machines not working properly, bikes losing pedals, and a customer service line that has been down multiple times since opening have caused numerous complaints about the system.

With the Mets in town on Tuesday, the Racing Presidents took the opportunity to hit the track on Bikeshare bikes, reminding those in New York who does it better. Your move, Mr. Met.