Courtesy Jared Rosen.

Jared Rosen is among the biggest local sports fans I know. His enthusiastic FedEx Field tailgate is one of the last you encounter en route to the stadium. He’s a fixture at Caps games — where he also has season tickets. He has previously owned partial plans for both the Wizards and the Orioles, while also supporting the Nats. And his emotional investment goes far beyond merely paying for tickets.

His now-wife, Stephanie, on the other hand, is not the world’s biggest sports fan, and was even less so when they first met. But she’s always been fond of mascots.

So when they began dating, Stephanie got a kick out of meeting local mascots while obliging her boyfriend’s sporting passions. And when Rosen was ready to propose, he figured he might as well bring everything together.

Stephanie knew Jared had the ring, but she didn’t know how or when he would pop the question. So he made reservations for four at a local restaurant. The other couple “canceled” at the last minute. And in strolled the Oriole Bird and Caps mascot Slapshot to assist with the proposal.

So now it’s June 1. The couple is getting married at the Corcoran Gallery. Their wedding planner has arranged for that same pair of furry birds to help mark the occasion, a fact held back from the vast majority of guests.

“Hava Nagila starts, out run the mascots, and the rest is in the video,” Jared wrote in an e-mail from Thailand, where the couple is currently honeymooning. “As a Bar Mitzvah and wedding DJ, I have probably seen the Hora 750 times in my lifetime. While I am very biased, I have to say this was one of the most exciting horas I have ever seen!”

The mascots, of course, hung around to pose for pictures with guests. They photobombed the ringer bearer during his time in the photo booth. They danced their tailfeathers off. And Jared managed to mix several of the things he’s most passionate about during one of the most memorable days of his life.

“D.C. sports are part of who I am,” he explained, when I asked why he would want to share his big day with costumed bird things. “While the wedding is almost always about the bride, I was fortunate in that the mascots allowed me to add some or my own touch the reception.”

Hey, why not? Plus, the couple was introduced as husband and wife to the strains of “Hail to the Redskins.” But that’s a different story.

(If you’re wondering why the video seems to focus far more on Slapshot than the Bird, well, the videographer is a big Caps fan.)

Courtesy Jared Rosen.