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Nats fan knits scarf during Nats game

Brian Hickey.
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My trusted colleagues Lindsay and Sarah were not particularly interested in this reader-submitted image of a woman knitting a scarf during a recent Nats game. After all, the Nats — like many baseball clubs — actually host a knitting night in their stadium. You can easily knit while watching a baseball game. She appears to be paying attention. And it’s not the most unusual hobby in the world.

Still, it struck me that we might have a good series brewing here. (Plus, it’s raining, and I got nothing else.)

After all, already this season we’ve seen Nats fans doing their taxes at the stadium. Colleague Alex Prewitt spotted a Nats fan doing calculus homework at the park, and his photo wound up on Deadspin, which led to yet another photo of the calculus guy. And now Reader Brian is on the knitting beat.

So I ask you, gentle Nats fans, to kindly pass along any further images you find of Nats fans pursuing life’s mysteries while at Nationals Park. Ordinary baseball pursuits — drinking a beer, shelling a peanut, scribbling in a scorebook, tearing out your chest hair in agony, cursing to the heavens, doing the wave — do not qualify.

But reading Dostoevsky? Practicing the ukulele? Mincing garlic? Please send a photo.