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Fred Smoot on Joe Gibbs, Jim Zorn and Sean Taylor

(Katherine Frey / The Washington Post)

Fred Smoot did a Reddit AMA on Monday, and the answer that created national headlines is something that would not meet the standards of a family newspaper.

But the former Redskins cornerback had several answers that were possibly of more interest to football fans. Or at least, Redskins fans. Or at least, Redskins fans who are easily offended. Or at least, Redskins fans who are easily offended and not even the least bit curious to know what I’m possibly going on about right now.

For example, here’s Smoot on playing for Joe Gibbs followed by Jim Zorn.

“You gotta understand that I love coach gibbs,” he wrote. “He taught all of us how to be men. Jim Zorn was definitely out of [his] element but he was a great coach and just an interesting person. It was hard to take him seriously and when things started to not go so well, they were already looking for Shanny!”

Or here’s Smoot on what Sean Taylor could have become.

“He was the best,” Smoot wrote. “I don’t think there ever would have been a better player to play the game if he could have had a full career.”

Or here’s Smoot on the physical impact of an NFL career.

“That’s why I had to stop playing,” he wrote. “I was physically just in pain every day. You have to remember that I never missed a start from the time I was in high school until I was in the league. My back and shoulder is still pretty messed up. It’s hard to admit it but I wouldn’t be shocked if the effects of CTE have taken their toll on my mind.”

Or, finally, Smoot on his short-lived Smoot Smack energy bars.

“That was just my maturity at that age,” he wrote. “Being young with money is a hell of a drug.”

Read the rest of his answers here. Including the top one. If you’re so inclined.