(Screenshot via NBC4)

Not long ago, Kirk Cousins tweeted that he was being drug tested by the NFL while visiting his grandmother in the offseason. In a chat with NBC4’s Dan Hellie, Cousins talked about the awkwardness.

“They gave me 24 hours notice and drove all the way out the Chicago suburbs,” he said. “They had a local rep in the Chicago area who came out and drug tested me right there in my grandma’s house. It just goes to show that they’re on top of you.

“I had kind of given her a little warning,” he continued. “At first she thought it was a little strange, as I’m sure most people did when I tweeted about it. But it’s part of the deal. It’s part of keeping a clean sport, and while it was strange, I’m all for keeping a clean sport. And it gives me as a quarterback, who’s one of the smaller guys on the field, it gives me peace of mind knowing that this sport is clean.”

Hellie then hit Cousins with the high school singing video that he says he is still getting teased about. But according to Cousins, he’s only the second best singing quarterback on the team.

“I’m gonna tell, it’s Robert. It’s Robert,” he said, when asked who the better singer between the two is. “Last year for the rookie skit, I impersonated Mike Shanahan, and he sang ‘My Girl.’ And what was lost in the whole thing of him singing ‘My Girl’ was how good of a singer he really is. I don’t wanna put him on the spot to have to sing some day, but the guys has some pipes.”

Here’s hoping RGIII sings tomorrow’s entire podium session.