(Tom Lynn/AP)

Georgetown’s men’s basketball coaching staff has experienced some changes in recent days, with Mike Brennan accepting the head coaching job at American and Kenya Hunter going to Nebraska as an assistant, while Kevin Sutton joined the staff from George Washington and Tavaras Hardy arrived from Northwestern. (Read more @CasualHoya.)

Amidst these moves, I noticed an ad on this very site for an assistant men’s basketball coaching spot with the Hoyas. That job appears to have been filled, and was likely posted for HR reasons rather than to try to solicit viable new candidates via a WaPo classified listing.

Still, it’s a fun read, because it includes some of the qualifications an assistant coach at Georgetown must have.

Among them:

* Experience coaching in the sport of basketball

* Knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the game of basketball

* Proficient in computer use and relevant Microsoft applications.

* Available weekends and evenings.

* Knowledge of athletics recruitment methods and techniques. Ability to create a database for all prospects.

* Ability to foster a cooperative work environment.

* With general policy guidance from the Head Coach, the Assistant Coach will make decisions to successfully achieve department goals and objectives, and be accountable for the development of team policies and goals. The Assistant Coach will actively participate in practices and competitions, including, but not limited to, game preparation (including developing strategies and game plans), practice planning, skill and video sessions (including working individually with, advising, and critiquing student-athletes to develop and improve their skills), scouting opposing teams and players (including analyzing their strengths and weaknesses), scheduling, weight training and fitness programs.