Darrell Green hugs his son, Jared, 13, during a ceremony before his last game in 2002. (Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post)

Last month, Jared Green talked to 106.7 The Fan about how his father Darrell would react to having a son play for the Dallas Cowboys.

“Like any responsible parent, he’s going to cheer for the team his son is on, because he wants his son to do well,” Jared said then. “It’s crazy to a fan, but it’s really logical to the average human being.

“He would wear a Cowboys jersey, he’d wear a Jared Green jersey,” he continued. “And if there’s anyone who would be mad at a father for wearing his son’s jersey….”

Yeah but still. Not really, right?

Uh. Really.

“Your son’s with the Cowboys?” ESPN 950’s “Big Al” asked Darrell Green on Tuesday, during his celebrity golf tournament. (Audio here.) “You’re not pulling for the Cowboys in any way now, are you?”

“Did I say my son was with them?” Green asked.

“Yes sir,” Big Al answered.

“Is his name Jared Green?” Green asked.

“I can’t take this,” Big Al said.

“Do chickens lay eggs?” Green asked.

“As far as I understand they do,” Big Al replied.

“Daddy’s going with his baby,” Green concluded. “I don’t care WHAT you say. You better know it.”

“Well, I hope he has a fine career down there,” said the shaken host, a longtime Skins fan. “But I also hope that when he plays the Skins, he doesn’t beat us, let’s put it that way.”

“Hopefully, he can catch two touchdowns and be great,” Green disagreed.

“I can’t take this,” the host said. “You’re Darrell Green! You’re Mr. Redskin, with Art Monk and Riggo and Jurgensen.”

“And I still am, and you’re still a Redskins fan for 52 years, and I’m still Darrell Green,” the Hall of Famer said. “I still played, and I got the Hall of Fame ring, and I got the Super Bowl rings. I’m still Darrell Green.”

He just roots for the Cowboys now. He actually made things even more explicit in a recent interview with ESPN Dallas.

“My dad was a player at that place, and we appreciated everything he did and what the organization allowed him to do, but after that it’s just a job Dad worked for 20 years,” Jared said. “I’m a grown man, and my dad is supporting what I do and we’re all-in for the Dallas Cowboys.”

Said Darrell: “Daddy doesn’t care what the color of the jersey is as long as my son’s name is on the back.”

You really shouldn’t follow that link. It won’t make you feel any better at all.