(Screengrab via WUSA)

Monday, I brought you veteran local anchor and Redskins fan Jim Vance, expressing his concern with the level of media coverage focused on Robert Griffin III.

Turns out I missed a similar commentary from veteran local anchor and Redskins fan Derek McGinty. He also is concerned about the level of media coverage focused on Robert Griffin III. Which then led to some media coverage focused on Robert Griffin III.

“I’ve been a Skins fan for many decades, so I understand the hunger for the merest taste of our favorite team during the long, lean months of the offseason,” McGinty said on WUSA late last month. “And you know, RGIII is my guy. But am I the only one starting to think this fascination, no, obsession with every move the guy makes is getting a little bit out of hand, even a little bit creepy?”

“Now, I knew it was bad when a few Robert Griffin jumping jacks made the headlines,” he continued. “And, well, I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised to see that so many of you had the nerve to actually buy him wedding presents. He did register, after all.

“But then yesterday, there was this: a photo spread on RGIII’s new home, complete with the $2.3 million price tag along with pictures of the man’s bathroom. Yes, it has come to that.

“Now, beyond the fact that none of this has the slightest thing to do with football, it’s starting make me kind of nervous. Sure, we just had this one glorious rookie of the year season, but it was just one season, and it did end with a terrifying injury.”

“So, in the interest of sanity, can we calm all this down just a little bit? Because it’s starting to turn into a circus. And besides, football season is still months away, and you know what the next big question could be: RGIII, boxers or briefs? And let’s be real: I think I’d rather know more about the bathroom.”

Meanwhile, RGIII is so concerned about the invasive and never-ending media spotlight that he announced on Twitter he’d be headlining Friday night’s “Born to be Wild: The Man Journey” program at the Toyota Center in Houston.