You know the local baseball team is becoming entrenched in the community when not one but two area crime stories in a single week prominently feature that team’s logo.

First there was the man who attempted to rob a bank inside an Arlington Safeway while wearing a red Nats hat, failed, left, and then attempted to rob a bank inside an Arlington Giant while wearing a blue Nats hat.

That’s right, in the same day, he failed to rob two different supermarket banks while wearing two different Nats hats.

Then there’s former D.C. Council member Michael A. Brown, whose guilty plea on bribery charges were detailed on Monday. Via The Post:

He accepted $100 bills stuffed into a duffel bag alongside a Washington Nationals baseball cap. Another wad of cash came inside a Redskins coffee mug.

That’s a lot of crime connected with the Nats in a single week. Brown’s cash-filled mug thing is seen below. He looks pleased. Must be a big fan.

(ARL Now, via @jpliss.)

BuzzFeed Sports’ Kevin Lincoln compiled a list of which NBA players follow the most porn stars and booty models. John Wall ranked third on the list. Yay, social media. Yay, lists. Yay, booty models.

(Via @J_D_P)

Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column this week led with RGIII and the Redskins. This is what he wrote:

“Barring a setback, there’s little doubt Robert Griffin III plays the opener….After watching him run sprints around the practice field Thursday, I agree with what Griffin said post-practice: ‘Without a doubt’ he thinks he’ll be practicing with the team when it begins training camp in Richmond in late July…and, of course, that he’ll be ready to go Sept. 9 against the Eagles. …I get zero sense that the team thinks he won’t be ready to play Sept. 9.”

Nothing much new there. The headline on the piece, though, read like this: “RGIII a lock to be ready for opener.” Which is not exactly the same thing.

Oh cool, now figures from the world of professional wrestling are weighing in on the Redskins team name. Here’s John Layfield, a noted Cowboys fan, writing on his blog:

“I love the rivalry with Washington-but what is the problem with changing the name “Redskins”, it is a derogatory term and no team would now be allowed to use it. It’s not like ‘Braves’ or Warriors’, it’s a slur-and my opinion is they need to change it.
Changing the name is the right thing to do in my opinion-it doesn’t change the team or their terrific history as one of NFL’s great clubs.”

(Via @IanOland.)

The Nats are in Colorado at 8:30 on MASN2. The U.S. men’s national team hosts Panama at 10 on ESPN. Miami heads to San Antonio at 9 on ABC. All TV and radio listings are here.

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