(Rick Osentoski/AP)

There were some parts of my conversation with Alfred Morris that didn’t make it into yesterday’s story, mostly for the sake of brevity. One of those things was a chat about music.

“A lot of people just hear music, but they don’t really listen,” he said, while flipping through songs on his phone. “They hear the beats and stuff, but they don’t listen to the words. If you listen to the words, they say some crazy stuff. I’m not going to listen to that. A lot of times they’re just bragging anyway, like, ‘I got this girl, that girl.’ Or this much money they dropped on a car. It’s a lot of nonsense.”

The Redskins running back listed Coldplay and The Fray as his favorite bands, said he enjoys old school Barry White and Marvin Gaye, and listens to contemporary Christian music most often. He also said there is very little rap on his playlists..

“They listen to it all the time in the locker room,” he said. “I don’t knock it. They’ve got some nice beats and stuff, but some stuff I’m like, really? They’re gonna say that? I hate when they use the ‘B word’ towards women. Like Rick Ross in that one song, talking about putting something in a girl’s drink and taking her home. That’s not cool.”

He’s talking about Ross’s controversial tune “U.O.E.N.O.” I think we can all agree that no, that isn’t cool.

I think the problem isn’t rap, just guys like Rick Ross. I’m partial to Talib Kweli, but I’m sure you readers can suggest some more conscious artists for Morris to download.