(Via MLB.com screengrab)
(Via MLB.com screengrab)

Hard to imagine a lot of Baltimore Colts fans becoming Indianapolis Colts fans after the whole Mayflower deal. But somehow a small number of Montreal Expos fans have stuck with the Nationals over nearly a decade in exile.

One of those fans — an Edmonton man by the name of Dale Crewson — saw his favorite team play in person for the first time this week. He wore a Gary Carter jersey and Nats hat to watch the Nats in Coors Field; he and his two sons-in-law were there for the entire series with the Rockies, and are flying home Thursday night.

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“I’ve been a fan since their existence,” he told MLB.com, in the video below. “I follow them everywhere. Every day I wake up in the morning and turn on the computer and read about them. Just because they’re the Nationals, they’re still my team.”

But leaving Montreal?

“Fans are fans,” he said. “And you’ve got to stick by your teams.

“I’d like to see them again,” Crewson added. “I’ve waited all these years to see them, and today’s the day.”