(Via Direct Access screengrab)
(Via Direct Access screengrab)

Of all the many questions posed about Robert Griffin III — should he run more, should he run less, should he talk more, should he talk less, is he a liberal, is he a conservative, should he cut his hair, should he tell his parents to keep quiet, should he pal around with Daniel Snyder, should he donate his wedding gifts to charity, should he put avocado on his Subway sandwiches, does he order the “yellow” egg or the “white” egg at Subway, does it make me weird for preferring the “white” egg, why do Subway employees always look at me weird for getting “white” egg with barbecue sauce — here’s one I haven’t considered: Why does he not participate more frequently in the D.C. club scene?

Sure, plenty of Redskins players are featured on plenty of party fliers for plenty of D.C. clubs. And sure, there have been relatively few instances of RGIII making non-charity appearances in the District after nightfall. But it hasn’t struck me as particularly odd, for whatever reason.

Anyhow, at Pierre Garcon’s recent white party fundraiser thing, local socialite Sunni from WPGC popped that particular question.

“Now, we never really see you out,” she began. “Is that like a personal choice, or you’re just trying to focus on football?”

“It’s a little bit of both,” Griffin explained. “I’ve been out in the city I think three times since I’ve been here, as far as the nightlife goes. And I try to do as much as I can within the city. But also this offseason’s been crazy with the knee injury, so I’ve got to stay focused on that.”

I’m telling you, this one will not be controversial. Approximately 107 percent of Redskins fans will be okay with Griffin limiting himself to one “nightlife” appearance every five months.

Sunni also suggested that Griffin has more security than Barack Obama.

“Hey, I just try to do what they tell me,” he answered. “And what they don’t want me to do, I try not to do it.”

And then there was something about Garcon raising tens of thousands of dollars for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Washington.

“I try to support all my teammates, but Pierre has obviously got a special place in my heart,” Griffin said. “To see him doing this, and to come out and support him, that’s paramount for me. So I just want to show him my love and appreciation.”

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