(Via UnderArmour.com)

I’ve already posted once about Bryce Harper modeling underwear for Under Armour. But this is another image, which is currently prominently displayed on the company’s site, and I’d feel weird if I didn’t share.

And sure, I never imagined that my job would one day consist of reporting about baseball players and underwear, so to make myself feel better, I headed to the archives. There I found a Shirley Povich column that included updates on underwear, pregnancy and locker room hijinx. He coulda been a blogger!

A few highlights from his Spring Training column of March 2, 1937:

* Jack Salveson, the playboy of the Nats, who has been having a high old time giving his colleagues the hotfoot and the electric buzzer and dousing them with water from a phony cigarette pack, met his nemesis today. The camp was up in arms against the big pitcher and his cute tricks.

* Mrs. Joe Kuhel, one of the several brides at the Nats’ camp, is anticipating a blessed event during the 1937 season.

* Mrs. Tom Yawkey, wife of the owner of the Red Sox, is a loyal fan. She coyly admitted to Mr. Joe Cronin that miniature Red Sox are embroidered on her underwear.

* Promptly at noon the Nats terminated their opening practice today, but the excuse might have been wet grounds. The perspiration that poured off the rubber-shirt brigade which has as its No. 1 perspiror Mr. Shanty Hogan of the South Boston Hogans, all but transformed the diamond into a bog.

Whoa. See? This was meant to be.