Drew Storen and Nats rookie Erik Davis both went to Stanford, so the two had a common bond when Storen got a hold of a MASN mic and interviewed his fellow Tree. One of the things discussed was the large number of bike-riding students at Stanford.

“I rode my bike a lot, because my freshman year I was about 20 minutes away from the field,” Davis said. “But as I get older, I started walking a bit more because you want to look cool, and it’s hard to look cool riding a bike around. So I definitely got more into walking. Every once in a while I’d ride my bike if I had to, but it got dangerous out there. There’s the death circle. The Circle of Death there. That thing’s dangerous.”

Storen then asked if Davis had ever gotten into a bike accident.

“I actually did,” Davis said. “One time I was riding pretty hard, and there’s always those guys that think they’re in the Tour de France, they’re just riding as fast as they can. And I had to brake so hard that my back wheel actually bent. Yeah, I was pretty upset with the guy that was just riding with his iPod in at about 45 miles an hour, just didn’t even pay attention.”

Now, as for the aforementioned “Circle of Death,” here’s what that’s all about.

“At Stanford, the classes are all kind of centrally located around the quad, and right outside the quad there’s a clock tower right next to kinda where the two main libraries are,” Davis explained. “So it’s a ‘T’ intersection, basically, where everyone is riding their bikes going to either the freshman dorms or the upperclassmen dorms, or maybe going to class. And it’s just basically a blind corner where people who don’t typically ride bikes are riding bikes. And they’re not stopping because there’s no stop signs. So, you see a lot of head on collisions because it’s a combination of pedestrians, bike rider, skateboarders and overall clueless people all at once.

“Sometimes, especially my freshman year where I’d never seen something like that, I’d just go out and watch the carnage.”



Craig Stammen on Thursday’s Nats win:

“I hate to say it, but the breaks went our way. Two balks. Their best players all got hurt. That’s kind of how last year went. It seemed like everything went our way, so [Thursday] was like the first day all season I felt like things went our way.”

A man who went blind as an adult relearns how to ride his trials bike.

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