(Screengrab via MASN broadcast)

Following another item I wrote today, a commenter suggested — as people often do — that my bosses are forcing me to write X number of items about the Redskins name.

This despite hundreds of assurances by me that this isn’t the case, that no one ever forces me to write anything, that I come up with 99.9999 percent of all my items on my own or via reader tips, and that anyone who doubts this is free to spend an hour, day, week or month sitting by my side and watching the magic happen.

For further proof, observe this item. Because I think we can all agree that there was no boss saying “Hey Dan, I heard that Mark Turgeon was in the second row of the Orioles game on Thursday night, and also that a weird man was wearing an RGIII jersey and a Colorado Rockies camo hat while sitting in the front row of Coors Field during the Thursday Nats matinee.”

I mean, no one even uses the word matinee in real life, duh.

Anyhow, the Redskins/Rockies fan with the RGIII jersey and the camo Rockies hat can be seen above. That’s via @swagbeastmode.

Turgeon is in the gray polo in the top left of the screen below. That’s via @danieljtgallen. Here’s another shot of Turgeon at the game.

(Screengrab via MASN broadcast)