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In the first week of June, the Redskins installed a new playing surface at FedEx Field, including a new type of sod, “going from the old ‘Tif Sport’ to a new sod they called ‘Latitude 36′ which has been tested on the east coast under similar weather conditions,” according to ESPN 980.

Last week, we started to see images of the installation process. Now, there are images of what appears to be a finished, or nearly finished, product.

It’s green, is the first thing you notice about it. And it appears fluffy and soft and luxurious, the kind of playing surface that would gently massage your knee as you lay on the ground, rather than shoot rocky death missiles of destruction into your joints. Almost like it’s a real living, breathing surface, and not a barren moonscape.

(Via bcherson on Instagram)

(Via jessasiexpected and bcherson on Instagram)