MLB and Majestic Athletic will release 10 new T-shirts later this week, riffing off the league’s “I Play” campaign. Each of the shirts features one MLB star, with a specific phrase “highlighting what drives them to succeed,” according to promotional materials.

And, of course, one of the players included is Bryce Harper. His shirt is seen above. Another is Adam Jones. His shirt is seen below.

The other players include Robinson Cano (“I Play for Title #28”), Carlos Gonzalez (“I Play for the Next Rocktober”), Andrew McCutchen (“I Play to Bring Silver to the Steel City”), Buster Posey (“I Play for 3 Rings in 4 Years”), David Price (“I Play to Turn K’s into W’s”), Mike Trout (“I Play to Launch Another Souvenir”), Justin Verlander (“I Play for the Next K”) and David Wright (“I Play to Bleed Blue and Orange”).

The shirts are scheduled to go on sale at and other retailers by the end of the week.