(Courtesy Bowie Baysox)

“Professional wrestling legend Nikolai Volkoff will be making a special appearance at the Baysox game to meet fans and sign autographs,” the Bowie Baysox reported earlier this week

Volkoff also, as it turns out, had plans to sing.

“Nikolai was very eager to sing God Bless America at the Baysox game,” a team employee wrote in response to my query. “He had mentioned it a few times leading up to the event. We had scheduled him to sing it during the 7th inning stretch of the game, but his eagerness took over prior to his first pitch and he sang God Bless America with great gusto.”

Of course, “God Bless America” isn’t typically sung before the first pitch, and no one knew this one was coming. So the emcee introduced Volkoff, and he asked for the mic, and there was song, and both teams stopped their pregame routines to honor America.

UPDATE: Longtime Bog reader Duffman was at the game and, miraculously, got video.

“I was far away when he sang and got my camera out as fast as I could,” he writes. “And he didn’t sing the very last ‘God Bless America.’ Just handed the mic back.”

Indeed. I’ve never heard God Bless America end quite like that.

(Courtesy Bowie Baysox)

(Courtesy Bowie Baysox)