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If you watched Tuesday night’s Nats-Phillies game, you likely recall the saga of the young man and his young female friend who wound up with Jeff Kobernus’s first Major League home run ball. The Nats were still losing, and the game was blah, and the fans were morose, and so MASN spent several minutes chronicling the young man’s journey, beginning with fans asking for him to throw the ball back on the field, and then booing when he shook his head no.

“I hope they throw the ball back; at least he’ll be able to grab it pretty easily,” Bob Carpenter said. “We’ll see.”

(Screengrab via MASN)
(Screengrab via MASN)

“Well, he’s gonna go trade that right there,” F.P. Santangelo said. “I don’t know if he knows that that’s Jeff Kobernus’s first Major League home run….Somebody’s got to get that baseball, right? Monty Hall, Let’s Make Deal out there, and get him that ball.”

The game was being played at this point, but the bit continued.


(Screengrab via MASN)

Santangelo: I’m watching that fan with my binoculars right here and there’s no bargaining going on as we speak

Carpenter: Nobody’s found him yet. They will.

Santangelo: Get the ball from that kid, get it back in the Nats dugout. I will give you a Bob Carpenter signed scorebook for that baseball for Jeff Kobernus, straight up.

Carpenter: Well, that’s as good a deal as he’s gonna get right there.


(Screengrab via MASN)

Now some nearby fans asked for the ball, and began posing for photos with it

Santangelo: That’s his first home run! Get that ball, please!


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And now, as the ball was passed back, a security official showed up, and gestured at the young man. Who reacted with surprise, and then blanched.The security guard beckoned him, again and again, and the two young fans stood up to leave.


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Santangelo: There we go. There we go. Sir come with me. You’re in big trouble for catching that homer. He thinks he’s in trouble. He doesn’t know he’s about to get a free bat, maybe a jersey, a couple hats. What did I do?

Carpenter: And that’s where the ballparks, they kind of do some good things for the visiting teams


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The guard appeared to mouth, ‘You’re not in trouble,’ and put his arm around the young man as they climbed the stairs.

Santangelo: That’s a great shot.

Carpenter: The Phillies are taking care of business for the Nats here. That’s good.

Santangelo: You’re not in trouble. We just need that baseball.


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And the camera then followed this unlikely trio as they marched their way around the concourse, protecting a ball bound for glory, or at least some proud relative’s mantle.

Carpenter: It’s like when you’re a little kid though, even when you didn’t do anything wrong you thought you were in trouble.

Santangelo: We’re getting kicked out, for catching a homer? Honey, what is going on?

Carpenter: Maybe they think they’re getting kicked out for not throwing it back on the field. This is good.

So. About that ball? What did it bring? How did the Monty Halling go?

“They did, they tracked it down,” Kobernus told ESPN 980’s Inside the Locker Room the next day. “I think they traded a bat for it or something, but I was able to get it back. Actually, I don’t even think they wanted one of my bats. I think they got a Werth bat they wanted. I think that’s what they traded for it. Maybe they’re missing him, I don’t know.”

Wow. The kid won’t fling the ball back on the field, and then trades for a Werth bat? Philadelphians have gone soft on us.


(Screengrab via MASN)