Alfred Morris was on “Inside the Redskins,” and chatted a bit about what he’s looking forward to during upcoming training camp.

“I’m definitely psyched to get back out there,” he said, after admitting he held back a bit during OTAs. “I feel better, I feel faster, I feel stronger. I’m a lot smarter, I’m a lot more confident now. So I’m looking to see how this year turns out.”

Off the field, Morris insists that nothing has changed.

“I’m still the same guy,” he said. “I mean, a lot of people [say to me], ‘Oh, you’re famous.’ No I’m not. I’m just Alfred.”

Despite being “just Alfred,” Morris admitted that he got a lot of requests to do appearances in the offseason.

“I have, I have,” he said. “But at the same time, I much rather not do any of it, to be honest with you. I’d rather just kick back and hang with family. But when you do good, you get a lot of requests. You can’t turn them all down. I did turn some down, but you can’t turn it all down. You gotta do some work. It was fun though. I got to travel, see new things, experience new things. So it was a good feeling.”

The conversation then took a weird turn to cartoons, and Morris revealed that he’s a vintage type of guy.

“I like Tom and Jerry,” he laughed. “Tom and Jerry, that’s old school. Popeye, Yogi Bear. I actually like Sponge Bob, believe it or not. Sponge Bob is hilarious.”



Ryan Zimmerman, on upcoming home games:

“It’s nice to be home. We love playing here. To be able to be here for pretty much this whole month, it’s nice. I think we can use that to our advantage and hopefully go on a little run.”

All nine of Jordan Zimmermann’s strikeouts last night. Nasty.


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