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I think it’s easy to be conflicted about the whole #Eatface movement. It sounds gross, for one thing, and has vague hints of teenagers kissing. And it’s hard for a .500 team to sprout endearing movements. And zombies don’t really do it for a lot of sports fans. And me, personally, I’m a vegetarian, and would only eat mock face. Like, Toface or something.

But, as one of my Internet buddies pointed out, there’s at least one reason not to object to this thing: Braves fans already don’t like it. See Hardball Talk, for example, where Craig Calcaterra wrote this:

God, is this going to be an ongoing thing with the Nats now? I want them to lose anyway, but I’m way more interested in them losing now because if they win then “eating face” will truly be a thing then.

So, understanding that many of you will be turned off by this, we will nevertheless continue to cover it. Already on Thursday night, there was at least one fan at the ballpark with a shirt, as seen above. And at least one with a sign, as seen below. And dozens of suggestions for how the team could continue to capitalize on this movement.

Now, if they lose six out of the next 10, it’s as good as over. If they win seven more in a row? Trust me, zombie presidents will be the least of your concerns.




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