(AJ Mast/Invision/AP)

The NFL Network continues counting down its Top 100 players in the league, based on votes from actual players, and Robert Griffin III came in at No. 15. That made him the highest rated rookie since the network has done this poll, and the fifth-ranked active quarterback in the entire league.

And this, of course, led to an NFL Network segment asking whether the quarterback is overrated.

“I’m a huge fan of RGIII,” Kurt Warner said. “What he did last year was incredible. For a rookie to come on the scene and change the complexion of that team — he was someone that changed the complexion for defenses, which is what we always talk about, especially in the top 100. You want guys that change the complexion of games. But I’m just not high on putting rookies this high. We’re talking about the best players in the National Football League. I believe rookies kind of have to earn their rights. So I believe all of them, as good as they were, should be much, much [lower] on the list.”

“When you talk about consistency, that’s what we talk about when we talk about great quarterbacks,” Ryan Clark agreed. “Doing it year in and doing it year out, week to week, and we haven’t gotten the opportunity to see RGIII do that. Now, is he one of the top 100 players in the league? You can [accept] him being on the list. But ahead of guys like Ben Roethlisberger – even though he’s my quarterback – who we’ve seen do it year in, year out, and be a part of a winning organization? It’s tough to do that.”

“We always anoint these kids the next best thing since sliced bread or cotton candy, so why are we surprised?” Warren Sapp asked. “And RGIII, that’s all we saw all year long was his ability to run the ball, and then his ability to be accurate with the ball, and then only have like five interceptions all year long?…We watched RGIII all year long put the Washington Redskins in good plays and get his team to the playoffs….RGIII is dynamic, but 15th on this list? I have to agree with Kurt, that’s a little high. Bring him down just a little bit.”

“Well I would say RGIII 15, Andrew Luck 23, Russell Wilson 51?” questioned Yahoo!’s Mike Silver. “They were all amazing, they were all transcendent….We saw the athleticism and the presence, but he was really really accurate. So, very promising, but I’m an old codger like [the others], I agree, they’re all too high and Russell’s got a reason to be upset.”

For the record, Griffin ranked No. 11 in the fans vote.

As for RGIII, his reaction was about what you’d have guessed.