Why is a legendary boxer talking about what an ex-Redskins quarterback should say to a current Redskins quarterback?

Well, on a micro level, it’s because Bernard Hopkins has a longtime grudge against Donovan McNabb, and McNabb recently made a weird public overture to Robert Griffin III, and Fox 29’s Howard Eskin repeatedly asked Hopkins what he thought about that offer.

On a macro level, it’s because talking, or asking, or writing about RGIII gets you attention, and everybody wants a little more attention.

“What I would advise him: run from McNabb,” Hopkins told Eskin. “Run. Run. Run. And press charges if he tries to [connect]. Listen, seriously, this is an assault on this man. Listen. Run, and if he continue to stalk you, call the first police station, whatever town you’re in, and file a report. File a report.”

That wasn’t all.

“A fool can give you advice, not to be a fool,” Hopkins also said. “So everybody has an advice to give, because someway, positive or negative, they have an adivce for what to be or what not to be….Even a homeless man, even a dopehead, this person or that person, they can give you advice. But is it the right advice, is the key. And if McNabb is giving him the right advice — help him not become you by giving him that advice….

“I’m McNabb. I want to explain to him, I had an opportunity to play for the NFL. I conned my way through like I was somebody I wasn’t….I blew it. I blew it. I’m letting you understand, RGIII, don’t choke every time. Or any time.”

Seems like good advice.


Nats fans wear Hawaii shirts for Kurt Suzuki Appreciation Day, featuring Terrance and an EatFace sign.



Thomas Boswell says the fans are showing the Nationals that they demand and deserve better.

In the next few weeks we may find out if the Nationals, who have a $13 million bust in pitcher Dan Haren and the next-to-worst offense in baseball, but just drew more than 140,000 fans to see the mundane Rockies, can make the transition to a team with the wherewithal, thanks to their fans, to execute mid-course corrections….Washington baseball has moved to a new novel point in its history. Mediocrity, a goal for a century, is now unsatisfactory. When you stack the park for four days to see the Rockies, you can eat $13 million and not even belch. Now, we’ll find out what the Nats order for their next course.


Via SneakerNews.com: “Next in line to get the PE Jordans treatment is long-time Jordan Brand outfitted school Georgetown; seen here thanks to Jordan Brand athlete Chris Paul…this Hoyas IV features the school’s signature colorway with the wild graphic on the midsole and the Hoyas logo patch on the tongue.”

The image comes from Chris Paul’s Instagram. Via @BenStandig.

(Via Chris Paul's Instagram via SneakerNews.com)
(Via Chris Paul’s Instagram via SneakerNews.com)

The Connelly Brothers, Taking Over the NBA

Via Don Markus of the Baltimore Sun:

The path from Baltimore to the National Basketball Association is dotted with big names and busts, with perennial All-Stars like Carmelo Anthony, heartwarming reclamation projects like Gary Neal and whatever-happened-to former first-round draft picks like Josh Boone. But in the decade since Anthony was drafted behind a legend-in-the-making named LeBron James and the long-forgotten Darko Milicic, an argument can be made that no single family has made a bigger impact in the NBA than the Connelly brothers.

Read the story. It’s pretty crazy, and is filled with mentions of the Wizards.


Wale sure is well-connected among D.C. athletes nowadays. The Gifted is his new album.

The Blackhawks are in Boston for Game 6 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and what could be the last NHL game of the season, at 8 on NBC. All TV and radio listings are here.

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