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It’s hard to imagine D.C. will ever have a radio team as beloved as Sonny, Sam and Frank. Matching up the TV and radio broadcasts is more difficult now, and that trio went through the amazing Super Bowl years together, and they had both the chemistry and the D.C. roots to make their broadcast booth almost impossible to criticize.

Time marches on, of course, and I don’t think many people could object to the news that Huff will not be back in 2013. Still, I can’t be the only one who wanted to hear Herzog talk about this news.

“A delightful human being, and a man that I’ve known for 30 years and really grown to love,” Herzog said on WTOP over the weekend. “He’s like my uncle. I learned an awful lot of football from him. He has a great presence, [and] he understood how his role was played in the booth. He was the good old boy from West Virginia, and he’d give you that West Virginia twang and slang, but he would say things that you’d go wow. Things that were right, you know? He had great instincts. And I think that’s what really set him apart from Sonny, and it was a great counter-balance between the two of them.”

And he was also comic relief, in a good way.

“On second down and long, he’d say look for a draw play or a screen pass,” Herzog recalled. “Some kind of a delay. And I’d say why. And he’d say I don’t know, that’s just what they always do on second and long.”

The 2013 booth will include Larry Michael and Sonny, with Doc Walker on an open mic from the sidelines. (More on that later.) And Herzog talked about that group, as well.

“Well, I think it’s a different kind of booth than the one that Sonny Sam and I were in,” he said. “I think it has different personalities. The fact that they’ve got Doc Walker on the sidelines, he’s going to be using a lot of airtime as well. So it really gets to be a crowd, and I think it’s probably more manageable with just the two of them.”

And the timing?

“Sam got to be too old,” Herzog said, matter-of-factly. “And hey, it’s a problem that a lot of people face.”

(You can listen to the audio here. Herzog also said some other stuff that I don’t agree with and don’t find relevant, which is why I’m not including it here.)