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I went to Bryce Harper Bobblehead Day on Sunday as a ticketed customer, the better to receive a Bryce Harper bobblehead at the center-field gates.

I went with some friends, including one unnamed associate who sweated his way through brunch, so nervous was he that we might miss the 15,000 bobbleheads being passed out at the center-field gates. The photos of insane crowds gathering in the rain several hours before the game started did not help his anxiety.

As it turned out, we were fine. But, at least according to one report I got from a fan, the bobbleheads were gone more than an hour before the first pitch. (Gates opened around 11.) Also, as we approached the gates, we saw more than a few people walking in the other direction, bobblehead in hand, mission already accomplished before Ross Detwiler threw a single pitch.

Weird creatures, humans. After some initial insane listed prices on eBay, the asking price seems to have settled somewhere between $30 and $70. I wouldn’t pay that much for a doll, personally, but I wouldn’t judge you if you feel differently.

One of my most loyal readers showed up around 8 a.m., incidentally. He said he was the first person to arrive with a ticket, although a handful of others were waiting for the box office to open. And he said the masses with umbrellas began arriving around 10.

You can follow the progression via these handy photos. And no, I don’t endorse desecrating your bobblehead with a homemade knee brace, as one reader did above.


10:09 AM

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10:39 AM

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10:45 AM


10:50 AM

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11:50 AM, on the Scoreboard Walk

(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)
(Dan Steinberg/The Washington Post)