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I mentioned earlier that the Redskins are not looking to add a fourth full-time voice to their radio broadcast team for this upcoming season, although they might well add one or more former players to contribute particular segments before, during or after game broadcasts.

Still, we already know at least one person who would be interested if the team adds another voice to the booth in the future.

“I certainly would have an interest if the opportunity was presented,” Joe Theismann told Holden Kushner on 106.7 The Fan Monday afternoon, when the latter suggested the former would be perfect. (Audio and transcript here.) “I mean, I’ve done everything you can do in the media, including radio. I think the Redskins are on the verge of really becoming a force in the National Football League. Matter of fact I’m sitting at my desk right now, putting together the boards for the preseason [games] I’ll be doing….And the one thing that jumps out at me as I look at this roster is how young everybody is.

“Josh Morgan, five years,” Theismann continued. “Pierre Garcon five years, Robert two, Alfred Morris two, Roy Helu three, Evan Royster two, Fred Davis. I mean, you go down through this roster and you have young guys in the offensive line, you have young guys on the defensive side of the ball, you have young guys in the skilled positions….You’re starting to get excited about what the Redskins could do as a football team.”

Theismann was also asked how his approach is different when doing games specifically for a Redskins audience — as he does during the preseason — rather than for a national crowd.

“When you do color for a television game, you focus a lot equally on both teams,” he said. “I think If you’re going to do Redskins radio, you’re doing Redskins radio. And that’s the way we look at the preseason. Predominantly our telecast will be for the Redskins fans. And when you think of Redskins radio, it’s for the Redskins fans. So you’re leaned a lot towards the Redskins. You don’t ignore the other team — you understand facts and statistics and players and where they rank, and different things like that. But the balance is a little bit different in preparation when it comes to doing radio for a home team as opposed to doing a national broadcast across the board, and basically trying to understand both teams.

“It’s just a question of comfort in the booth,” Theismann went on. “Gosh, Larry and I worked together many years ago doing Notre Dame stuff, and of course Sonny and I have known each other for nigh on 40 years it seems like. It would be an interesting opportunity if it was proposed. Certainly I would consider it. But it’s a decision that’s out of my hands. You know how I feel about the Redskins. I think everybody does. I mean, people have called me [a] homer. I said the Redskins would be 10-6 last year. I got more you’re nuts than support….

“Everybody goes ah, you’re crazy, you’re a homer. Yeah, I’ll admit it, I love the Redskins and I want them to be successful. I want every kid that puts on a Redskins uniform to be able to enjoy the support of the fans, and the support of the organization, and the support of one another, and the family atmosphere that I was able to enjoy for the 11 years I played there.”

And while talking about Huff’s long career with the Redskins Radio Network, Theismann said the two men share certain traits.

“The thing about Sam that always imrpressed me was his enthusiasm for life, his enthusiasm for the Redskins and the game of football,” Theismann said. “You know, when I saw him at Redskins Park, whenever I’d run into him on the road, the guy loves life. And the Redskins were such a big part of what he lived for. And we are all that way. I think former football players, it’s hard to walk away. Some guys can do it and not blink an eye. Others — I think like myself and Sam — appreciate so much what the game did for us.”