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The news about Sam Huff came late on Friday, at which point my daughter and I had already finished 18 holes at the Hains Point mini-golf course. But since this is kind of in the Bog’s wheelhouse, I figured I should add a few thoughts about the future of the Redskins Radio Network game-day broadcasts.

Paul Farhi went over some of this ground last week, for the record.

* The “booth” will have two men in 2013: Larry Michael and Sonny Jurgensen. Others are occasionally in the physical booth itself, like Brian Mitchell, who does “The Mitchell Report” at halftime. Doc Walker will be the third man, on the sidelines but with an open mic, allowing him to speak at any point during the broadcast — sort of the Tony Siragusa model.

In other words, the basic set-up will be exactly the same as it was during the eight regular-season road games in 2012, when Huff did not travel.

* Red Zebra Broadcasting, which owns flagship station ESPN 980, could still bring on a former player or more than one former player to contribute before games, after games, or at regular intervals during games. (Once or twice a quarter, for example.) Among the names you’re likely to hear bandied about would be Charles Mann and Antwaan Randle El — who have worked with the team’s broadcast properties in the past — and Chris Cooley.

* “As far as I know, Chris is not retired,” Chuck Sapienza, Red Zebra’s VP of Programming, told me. “But when and if he does, we would love to talk to Chris, just like we talk to all former Redskins about their plans after their playing days.”

* Traditionally, of course, Sonny Jurgensen has been the lead analyst for offensive matters, while Huff has been the first voice on defense. But Sapienza said any future contributors wouldn’t have to come from a particular side of the ball.

“I don’t think that matters, to be honest with you,” Sapienza said. “A player’s a player. Sonny knows more about defense than most defensive players. No player can read a defense like Sonny Jurgensen. So it’s not imperative to get a defensive player.”

* While 2013 will not involve a traditional three-man booth, Sapienza said that could yet happen in the future.

“It just depends who’s available, and how they fit in,” he said. “We have the flexibility, and money wouldn’t be an issue. If we get the right person, we could do a three-man booth with a guy on the sidelines.”

But again, that wouldn’t happen for this upcoming season.