Gio Gonzalez recently took the time to chat with U.S. Army ROTC Cadet Armany Hidalgo at Nats Park. One of the topics of discussion was loyalty, which the two agreed is important to both sports and military.

“To me, I’m very loyal to my family, I’m loyal to my friends, I’m loyal to the fans that have been loyal to me,” said Gonzalez. “Loyalty to you and to me is almost like, I’m not gonna turn my back on you. If you need my help, I’m gonna be there. I know when you represent, you go out there with your brothers, you make sure that, hey, you got each other’s backs. And I think that’s what we do with the Nats. We back each other up. If someone struggles, we got someone who will come pick us up.

“It’s almost like pitching in the bullpen, too,” he continued. “When a starting pitcher is getting roughed up, one of those guys is gonna come in and help us out.”

Here’s the full conversation, including talk about growing up, representing the United States and Gonzalez’s foundation.